Deadly floods reminder to wealthy countries to remedy unfettered climate change

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A non profit Canadian based relief agency that wants to make a difference in the world, the Canadian Relief and Development Agency (CRDA) was started by a group of physicians and likeminded individuals who wanted to provide humanitarian and medical assistance during periods of crises around the world.  

Originally founded in 2005 , the CRDA has been involved in numerous relief operations globally stretching from Rural Canada, Haiti, Pakistan, Nepal and Burma/Bangladesh.  

The CRDA is passionate about working with those who are less fortunate and providing much needed medical care and shelter to those affected by disasters.  The CRDA in particular has a  special focus on the plight of the poor, women, children and the marginalized during such crises.  

All members of the Canadian Relief and Development Agency work on a volunteer and pro bono basis.  The CRDA strives to ensure that all donations are directly invested into the individuals most in need.  

All CRDA donations are tax deductible and provided with a tax deductible receipt.    

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